Reliable drinking water supply thanks to high-pressure technology

for high rises

Rising energy costs influence the drinking water supply of higher regions. When using pump technology, particular attention must be paid to high effectiveness and energy efficiency. With URACA plunger pumps energy cost savings of 20 percent and more can be achieved compared to other pump technologies. The pumps achieve constant flow rates and save over the entire flow rate and pressure spectrum.

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  • suitable for operation on water turbines
  • high energy efficiency
  • long service intervals
  • low after-sales costs
  • high efficiency of the waterworks
  • suitable for high rises
  • pumps in special drinking water version available
  • protection of the environment

For many decades, booster pumps have replaced piston pumps in the drinking water supply sector of higher regions. The centrifugal pumps cause low investment costs, but the follow-up costs are often ignored by the increased energy requirements. Rising energy costs ensure ever higher operating costs for waterworks. In the course of the energy revolution, a doubling of the electricity costs for the operation of the pumps is to be expected in the next few years.

For these reasons, greater emphasis must be placed on energy efficiency, sustainability and reliability in the selection of pump technology. URACA plunger pumps fulfill all these requirements perfectly and are characterized by high efficiencies and constant flow rates.

A high-pressure plunger pump achieves a pump efficiency of over 90 percent depending on the delivery head and flow rate. Even in partial load operation, the plunger pump is still very efficient. The significantly better efficiency compared to other pumps noticeably reduces operating costs. At the same time, CO2 emissions are reduced. The greater the height differences that need to be overcome for the drinking water supply, the higher the energy-related savings.

URACA plunger pumps are very interesting for drinking water supply from a delivery height of 250 meters. Specially adapted pump models such as the P3-45 and P4-20 continuously deliver up to 10.75 liters per second over differences in altitude of up to 1,000 meters. The pumps can be used for drinking water supply in the Alps or in low mountain ranges like the Swabian Alb. Almost all URACA pumps are adaptable to the needs of the water supply.

The pump technology used in waterworks has a major impact on energy costs. URACA plunger pumps offer high efficiency and enable enormous energy cost savings. If you would like to operate your waterworks with sustainable and reliable pump technology, contact URACA now. The experts will gladly advise you comprehensively.