Reliable pressure test with powerful high-pressure technology

Various media flow through the containers, leads, tanks or reactors used in industrial processes and put them under pressure. For smooth processes, it is important to test them after production or during maintenance phases. The hydrostatic pressure test subjects the specimens to tightness and strength tests at pressures of up to 3,000 bar.

URACA supplies the required pressure testing units in many different versions.

Our services for your benefit

  • robust construction of the pressure testing units
  • pressure tests up to 3,000 bar
  • manual valve control possible
  • complex automatic controls feasible
  • customer-specific design of the units
  • drive is electric, manual or operated through internal combustion engine

The different types of pressure testing

URACA provides the appropriate technical solutions for these three types of pressure testing:

For the static pressure test, the test specimen must hold a certain test pressure for a given period of time. If the containers are not closed, leakage is balanced to maintain the test pressure. For the pressure tests different pump units from URACA are used.

Another application of the hydrostatic pressure test is the burst pressure test. The procedure exposes the specimen to a continuously increasing pressure load until it fails. This determines how far the permitted operating pressure can be exceeded. The results of the bursting pressure test document the safety of pressure vessels.

The cyclic pressure test attempts to simulate typical loads during operation. The process increases the pressure over a certain time and then relieves the specimen again. The pressure change takes place cyclically. Cycles of more than 50,000 are not uncommon. The cyclic pressure test can be used to protect a specimen against failure during operation.

Common applications of pressure testing

Pump units from URACA support the different variants of the pressure test. Thanks to pump capacities of up to 3,000 bar and a huge range of pumps, the test pump units from URACA are extremely versatile. Even customer-specific requirements can be met easily. Typical applications are the testing of containers, pipelines or valves for leak tightness and strength in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. The pressure test should ensure the process and prevent the leakage of media.

Different drives of the test pump units are possible for the different applications. The pumps can be powered by squirrel cage motors or diesel and petrol combustion engines. Manually operated test pumps are also available.

The hydrostatic pressure test works with pressures of up to 3,000 bar and secures the pipelines, containers or pipes used during operation. Special valves and controls enable reproducible test procedures and cyclic tests. The URACA pressure test units are available in customized versions and standard versions.

If you have questions about the pressure test or if you are looking for a specific solution, contact the experts of URACA now.