High-pressure technology for CO2 extraction

and other CO2 applications

Supercritical or liquid carbon dioxide can be used as a solvent in various applications. CO2 extraction is used in the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical or food industry for different cleaning and extraction processes.

To generate and supply liquid carbon dioxide high pressure is necessary. Specifically developed and specially designed plunger pumps safely supply the extraction systems with liquid CO2 at pressures of up to 1000 bar. URACA finds the best solution for your application.

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Diverse applications of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is used in numerous processes in the chemical and cosmetic industries as well as in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Common applications are extraction or purification processes. Here, the CO2 acts as a supercritical solvent, for example, for the extraction of natural substances.

Other possible uses include use as a refrigerant, as a protective gas during welding or as an aid in confectioning processes. Carbon dioxide has a large volumetric cooling capacity and is much more environmentally friendly compared to other refrigerants. CO2 is a raw material for many chemical syntheses. The disposal and storage of CO2 is increasingly important for the energy industry.

Process and advantages of CO2-Extraction

Supercritical carbon dioxide is liquid and has special properties that are intermediate between liquid and gas. It has the density of a liquid and the viscosity of gas. It can be used very well as a solvent. The density is adjustable over a wide range. A higher density improves the solubility of many substances.

By supplying the critical carbon dioxide, the desired substances dissolve. It penetrates very well into other substances and is suitable as an extraction or distraction agent. In order to feed liquid CO2 into the process of high-pressure extraction, pumps are necessary which are suitable for the critical temperature and the critical pressure of carbon dioxide.

Oscillating displacement pumps designed and engineered specifically for the extraction of critical carbon dioxide meet the requirements. They work at pressures of up to 1,000 bar and handle high mass flows.

CO2 extraction offers numerous advantages over other chemical extraction processes. The most important are:

  • no use of toxic solvents
  • no organic solvents necessary
  • CO2 disappears after the extraction process by evaporation almost without residue
  • no costs for the disposal of chemical solvents
  • various uses for natural product extraction and extraction of flavors, fats, oils, waxes, polymers, enzymes or dyes

Requirements for high-pressure solutions for CO2 extraction

The extraction of liquid carbon dioxide under high pressure places special demands on the pump technology. Wetted parts in liquid end of the pump are optimized for this purpose. The arising compression heat is dissipated by cooling channels in the stuffing box barrel as well as in the valve block.

Flexible plunger coupling will keep the alignment between liquid and power end in an optimal range. Stuffing boxes are equipped with flushing ports to remove debris, to lubricate and to cool down the stuffing box internals.

Critical carbon dioxide extraction and purification processes require special high-pressure pumps that can handle the unique properties of the liquid gas. URACA is the ideal partner for these applications and has a lot of know-how in this field. Specially designed plunger pumps supply the numerous CO2 applications of the chemical industry as well as the pharmaceutical or food industry. If you need information about the applications, contact us now. The URACA experts are happy to advise and assist you.